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Language Interpretation Services
In our profession, translation refers to the translation of a written text, whereas interpretation refers to the translation of spoken communication. Whenever two or more people are unable to communicate with each other due to a language difference, they need the services of an interpreter. The interpreter makes it possible for the participants to communicate among themselves in real time. The participants should be aware that everything they say will be interpreted. They should interact...

Translations Classification
Leveling the playing field
Translations Classification
These translation classifications have been introduced by ABPT in an effort to help clients select the most effective and efficient product for their particular needs. It is also an attempt to level the industry playing field, where at times the client does not know what level service they are receiving, and where it might be difficult to understand the options available...
Language & Culture services for the XXI century - LCMaPS™
Language Translation Services
Remember the days when you didn’t know where to go for help with your organization’s language and cultural needs? Should you approach a university, a community college, some type of private company, a consultant? You worried about the type of improvised services they would provide. Would they even have the services you needed to solve your language and cultural communication gaps?
Language Translation, Interpretation & Localization Services

Translation: “Converting one language to another in such a way that the context, associations, and tone of the original material are accurately conveyed.” ABPT provides translation of all types of technical and no technical, written and electronic material, including documents, books...

Going Global

10 Basic Points to Consider.
Globalization brings new challenges and opportunities for business. Today even the smallest business can take advantage of new international markets. Throughout the world, those companies not too bogged down by routine and complacency, which possess visionary leadership, are gaining international...

Project Tracking

Whatever your industry needs, ABPT can help. ABPT understands that those working with immigration law have specialized localization/translation needs. You want a partner who knows immigration law. Our staff of translators, interpreters, and project managers has over 20 years of experience. We will customize specific solutions for...

Best Practices
Best Practices for Translation/Localization
In today’s global environment, even the smallest of companies need to communicate across cultures and languages. Venturing into a fresh market often brings new challenges and problems. Your documents must be translated, your software adapted, your website globalized, and your products and services modified for specific locales. The key is to correctly understand the requirements of your non-English speaking customers and employees, then satisfy them.
Your Language and Culture Services Provider (LCSP) whomever it may be—in-house or outsourced or a combination thereof—should have...
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